Aden Hazard returning to form as well.

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Aden Hazard has been virtually out of a role for Real Madrid this season. But long-time friend Vincent Kompany believes the 32-year-old midfielder can still make his magic in the football future.

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany, as a former Belgium captain, is optimistic about Eden Hazard, saying he is still a player who has magic in him and can return to form. come back as well According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Tuesday. 

Hazard has been virtually inactive at Real Madrid this season and it looks like his future with Real Madrid will be over soon. The 32-year-old midfielder played the final 10 minutes of Saturday’s 2-0 win over Cadiz. But he only touched the ball 12 times and never dribbled past an opponent. 

‘You can still score in the Champions League final. You can win the championship. There is still some magic in this player. And we have to wait for the best to finish it as it deserves.’ said Kompany.

The Burnley boss then cited his theory to justify his former European team-mate’s poor form. And optimistic that Hazard will soon rediscover his breakthrough UFABET

‘The most important thing is that Eden has an injury and that’s what has changed. You have to respect the fact that you can’t control your injury. He dealt with the injury and its aftermath. and it’s hard to come back’ 

Although scoring in the Champions League final was like a fairy tale for the Belgian midfielder’s dismal season under Ancelotti, the chances of that were rare. Aden Hazard has made just three Champions League appearances this season and only started once. Without participating since the knockout round