Brandon Williams opens up about hug Eriksen.

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Norwich left-back Brandon Williams has spoken of hugging Christian Eriksen during his first 3-1 defeat to Brentford football team.

Williams was furious at being fouled by the Brentford player and he seemed ready to take matters into his own hands.

However, after seeing that the man he had pulled down was Eriksen, Williams changed his attitude. and embraced him instead.

Both players had smiles at the incident. This is the first game that Eriksen actually played. since he suffered a cardiac arrest during a game at Euro 2020 last June.

“It was just what happened during that time. It’s just an instinct.” said Brandon Williams.

“I have overtaken him. and felt him pull me down We are launching an offensive game. and i am very angry So I’m going to hold him down. But UFABET I know what he’s been through. And it’s amazing what he does.”

“He’s back And it’s special that he’s back on the pitch for himself. I felt that he needed a hug.”

“It’s something no player wants to meet. It’s amazing that he’s back. He’s a top player. And I’m sure he’ll be back with the best.”

When asked if his Norwich team-mates had said anything about the video, he replied: “They asked me about it. But I’m just saying it’s instinct. and felt that it was right.”