Didier Deschamps sees the semi-finals as different from World Cup

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France coach Didier Deschamps sees the semi-finals as different from the 2018 World Cup. Because they are different events.

France is set to face Belgium in the Nations League semi-finals on Thursday. The winner will go to meet Spain in the final. which will enter the field on Sunday.

“I don’t know that feeling. Will the 2018 FIFA World Cup semifinals push them? We cannot go and change what has already happened,” said Les Bleus.

“Yes, it is our determined step. In the World Cup final, but tomorrow (Thursday) it will be a meeting on another level for the two teams. We play for our place in the Nations League finals. 

“There is the antagonism of two countries bordering each other. After the game in Russia, there were many stories from both sides. There are many interpretations. But there is mutual respect. Including me and Roberto Martinez and the players.

“We are preparing the team for a duel of two quality teams. It’s a temptation for players to play games like this. along with the adrenaline that stimulates. According to ufabet