Jamie Carragher has agreed that McArthur Should be kicked out

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Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has agreed with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta that James McArthur Should be kicked out of the moment that hit Bukayo Saka.

         In the Premier League game at the Emirates The stadium ended in a 2-2 draw, but there were interesting moments that MacArthur flicked at Saka from behind and fell into the first half, causing the player to be substituted at half-time, with Arteta pointing out that it should have been a red card and Carragher. I agree with this. 

         “He had a chance to win the ball a few times before that. When you can say it’s a yellow card,” Carragher said.

        “If it’s a situation where the players come from I don’t know. You can understand, but Saga is right in front of him. There’s no way he won’t see Saga.”

         “VAR takes a long time these days to say what is clear and clear it is a mistake. It was a clear mistake.”