John Arne Riise has urged Liverpool to sign striker Erling Haaland

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Ex-Liverpool left-back John Arne Riise has urged his former club to sign Dortmund striker Erling Haaland. But He is afriad that if the club will fail Kicking a move to Manchester City would make Pep Guardiola’s team almost invincible.

Haaland is one of the most wanted players in Europe, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The 21-year-old finished last season with 41 goals in all competitions, including eight in the Champions League. while in the league this season has scored 7 goals.

Erling Haaland, who joined Dortmund in January 2020, is reported to have a release clause of 64 million pounds next summer.

The case leaves former Reds left-back Reese hoping his former club will be among the clubs in pursuit of Haaland.

“Obviously I would love to have him at Liverpool because he is an incredible player,” Riise said.

“He is in great form. And I think he would suit [Jurgen] Klopp’s style of football, I still think he would love Liverpool.”

“But if City got him, wow! You’re talking about an unrivaled team. That’s close!” According to reports by ufabet