Peter Crouch has urged Steven Gerrard to turn down Newcastle.

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Former England striker Peter Crouch has urged Rangers boss Steven Gerrard to turn down if he is contacted by Newcastle.

         The acquisition of Saudi Arabia , Newcastle has raised to the richest team in the world. Amid many news stories about reinforcing the army and changing the coach, which Gerrard is one of the favorites who are seen to take over the team.

         However, Crouch knows that with Newcastle’s squad building, it would be better for Gerrard to wait for Jürgen Klopp’s successor at Liverpool.

Peter Crouch has urged Steven Gerrard to turn down Newcastle

         “It’s not uncommon for Newcastle to look in his direction,” Crouch wrote in the Daily Mail column. “Contacting Stevie is a no-brainer.”

         “There is a new team building that has to be done by whoever took over Steve Bruce and that is very similar to the job he did when he took over Rangers – although the budgets are different!”

         “If I were a Newcastle fan I would be delighted to have someone like Gerrard coming in. They can take Newcastle forward with that money.”

         “I imagine St James’ Park under the lights with Barcelona in the Champions League but that will probably be a few years away. Either that, in Stevie’s moment, will be the key to the decision if an offer arrives.”

         “Because it’s nothing – this is the next Liverpool manager. He will be, Jurgen Klopp stays in the position for as long as he wants. But he won’t stay forever. At some point his family would want a German return to happen, Gerrard was ready.”

         “It’s worth the wait – to go home, he can manage for 10 years and continue his legacy even stronger. if it is true He was on the path he was on. So taking the job at Newcastle is a big deal.”

         “I wouldn’t bet on him doing another great job in the Northeast if that happened. But a man who takes the leap risks losing his job in the short term. At the moment we don’t know how the new owners will run the club.”

         “If I were him I will turn away Of course, there must be a sense of cautiousness about the unknown. The play factor is the same, Rangers fans will understand if he leaves the team at Anfield. It might be different with the conversation if going to Newcastle.”