Seaman fears that Saka will be blamed if Arsenal fails the championship.

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Arsenal legend David Seaman fears Bukayo Saka penalty miss against West Ham will be remembered as a crucial moment if Arsenal ultimately miss out on the Premier League title.

The Gunners were awarded a penalty as they were 2-1 ahead of the Hammers and would have ended the game had they scored, but Saka blundered.

West Ham returned to a 2-2 draw, meaning Arsenal missed out on a two-goal lead in their last two Premier League games.

They remain top of the table by four points ahead of Manchester City. While Pep Guardiola’s side have played one game less and the two teams still face each other.

Zeman felt that the miss would have damaged his old team’s title hopes. Saying, “You know what? The result against West Ham felt worse than against Liverpool UFABET

“They should have learned a lesson from last week. That is frustrating.”

“If we can’t win the championship. That will be remembered as the most important turning point.”

“The first half hour we were brilliant. But we don’t put forward gear. we put in reverse gear It’s disappointing.”

“They didn’t help themselves at all. that’s true The main goal now is to hope to win. Southampton can.”

“Now is a good time to play Arsenal. We’ve had little mistakes and we’ve had bumps, hopefully Man City will bump up a bit too.”

“It’s disappointing. But they’re still in there (contending for the title). They’re going to Manchester City and we don’t know what will happen. It was two teams playing good football.