Tuchel was satisfied with the performance of Chelsea’s team.

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Thomas Tuchel was satisfied with the performance of Chelsea‘s team in defeating Real Madrid 3-2 after 120 minutes. Although the final was eliminated before the Champions League with 4-5 goals. But the more painful is Referee duties, Simon Marceniak from Poland. Who give a sweet whistle to the locals.

Tuchel said after the game at the Santiago Bernabeu that. One way he admired his players for their bravery. Just enamored with the blow of this black shirt. Including the rhythm of the ball into Marcos Alonso ‘s crucial goal in the second half without going out to recheck VAR on the sidelines by himself. But UFABET believing objections from regulators. 

Another unacceptable incident was after 120 minutes. When Pao Marciniac laughed at ‘ White King ‘ trainer Carlo Ancelotti.

Thomas Tuchel said.

“ I didn’t see the time of the goal. But informs the referee that he is very disappoint that. He did not go to recheck by himself.

“ In a game like this where you can have a clear offside line to blow. You should be directing yourself. This decision must not be given to anyone sitting in the chair. and is separated from the environment and the clear form of the referee. ”

“ He should act and check himself. Then he would be able to explain better. But that’s just my opinion. ” 

” It’s also displeased to see the referee spending good time with my professional friend Carlo Ancelotti. “

“ I know that Ancelotti is a gentleman . He’s a good person in the industry. But when I want to say thank you after the match I saw the referee laughing , smiling and giggling at the opposing coaches . ” 

“ I think it’s very untimely. After the whistle that the game dragged for more than 126 minutes , then one team fought hard. Fierce until the last drop and you as a coach must see the referee smiling and laughing with the opposing coaches. ” 

“ I saw that the timing was too wrong. I told you that as well. ” 

The 41 -year -old referee is considered a yellow card holder. This season, he played a total of 7 games and had 24 yellow cards .