Women’s organizations point out that the world is keeping an eye on the Greenwood case.

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Farah Racier the head of the Women&Aid organization has warned that. The world is now monitoring all sides for Greenwood case of Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood.

         It made headlines after England’s girlfriend Harriet Robson posted a video with her face stained with blood. Around the world until now “Red Devils” ban players during the investigation into this matter.

         From the events that happen via Women’s Aid or women’s aid organizations. Has warn both the club and the FA to deal with this matter. With fairness because the world is watching closely.

         “We at Women’s Aid are shocked and devastated to hear. And see video footage of allegations of Mason Greenwood of harassment.” Nazier said.

         “It is important that all employers and officials recognize. That family abuse is a serious crime and that Manchester United. The Football Association and the police must act accordingly.”

         “This is going to be a famous case and we as well as the world are watching it – men, women, boys and girls. View athletes as heroes. There UFABET is no excuse for harassment, whoever you are.”

On Wednesday, Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood embroiled in an alleged rape. And assault case was release on bail “pending further investigation” by Greater Manchester Police (GMP). The 20-year-old was first arrest on Sunday. After his alleged girlfriend Harriet Robson posted photographs and videos of physical violence.

A spokesman for GMP said, “A 20-year-old man arrested on suspicion of the rape and assault of a woman has been released on bail pending further investigation.” Notably, the statement from GMP refrained from taking Greenwood’s name, but sources did confirm that the man happens to be none other than the United striker.